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Dr. M. Gloria González-MoralesDr. Leanne Son Hing and Dr. Peter Hausdorf are the Research Directors of the CWHW and supervise around 15 graduate students and 30 undergraduate research assistants who work collaboratively in the Centre's various research projects.


Directors' Advising Philosophies:


Peter Hausdorf

Peter Hausdorf I value open discussions, mutual respect, critical thinking and hard work. I consider my graduate students to be full research partners and the majority of my research is published in collaboration with them. As a senior member of the I/O Area, I plan to continue involving graduate students in the development of ideas and implementation of my research.


Leanne Son Hing


My goal is to conduct top-quality research in close collaboration with students. As a supervisor, I believe it is my role to help students to develop their skills, self-efficacy, and autonomy. I try to create an environment in my lab that is supportive and challenging. Students who work with me get a lot of guidance and feedback-from me and from other students in the lab. I expect students in my lab to be motivated, organized, courteous of others, hardworking, and to have burning intellectual curiosity. Junior students work with me to develop a shared line of research. Senior students have the flexibility to select their own topic under the umbrella of social justice issues. I am expecting to accept new students to my lab for Fall 2017.


M. Gloria González-Morales

M. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales

When advising graduate students, I aim for students’ authorship and responsibility in their work. I apply the model of apprenticeship and treat students with respect and independency and adjust this model with students who need more guidance.

I meet with my graduate and undergraduate students in weekly lab meetings. Students collaborate with each other according to their experience and learning stage. In their final presentations at the end of the semester, undergraduate students reflect on how beneficial the experience in my lab is in terms of research skills, critical thinking and team work.