Current Projects

Our Current Projects! 

Towards safer streets - Poster of Barb

Virtual Reality Training System Study

We are currently in the process of testing whether our virtual reality training system is a helpful and easy method to teach children the rules for crossing streets safely. Our previous research has found the system to be successful in teaching children where and how to cross the street. We have developed a new training module that focuses on teaching children how to manage more complex traffic situations. More specifically, we are testing if the system can teach children when to cross the street when traffic flows at varying speeds from both the near and far lanes. The goal of this project is to ensure that we have developed an effective training system for children to easily learn the skills they need to cross streets safely. For this study, we are recruiting children 7 to 10 years of age, and would ask you and your child to come to the University of Guelph for about 2 hours. They will be asked to sit in front of a computer while wearing a special headset that shows the virtual street with traffic, and will complete a number of training phases that teach various pedestrian safety concepts. Your child will receive a $10.00 gift card as a token of our appreciation. 

This is a very important research project as we need to better understand how effective our system is as a training tool, so we would greatly appreciate your help! We are looking at booking for a time that is most convenient for you and are available most evenings and weekends. If this is a project that you're interested in helping us out with, please let us know if there's a specfic date and time you think would work best, and we will be happy to schedule you for that time. 

Roadside Training Study

Over the last few years we have been using a virtual reality system here at the University of Guelph to study children's street crossing behaviour in addition to teaching them safe street crossing practices. We have seen great success from this training system and have since created a roadside training program that is based on the same fundamentals that are taught in the virtual reality system. Our goal is to investigate whether a roadside training program can be equally as effective as our virtual reality system in teaching children where and how to cross the street safely. For this study, we are looking to recruit children 7 to 9 years of age. Participants will be invited to attend four separate sessions, which typically take about an hour and a half each. For each session that a participant attends, they will receive a $10.00 gift card as a thank you for their help. If they complete all four visits, they will receive an additional $10.00 gift card as a token of our appreciation for seeing the study through, for a total of $50. Due to the nature of this study, it is necessary for the parent or guardian of the participant to have access to a vehicle in order to drive them to various roadside locations thorughout the community. 

If you are interested in participating in this study or have any questions about it please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Skateboard Park Study 

We are interested in how skate parks are designed and how children use them, so we are observing the kinds of behaviours youth engage in while they’re skateboarding. In particular, we are observing the types of tricks they are completing on different parts of the skate park, as well as how they use different components of the skate park (for example, what are they doing on rails, ramps, etc.). Our goal is to develop a comprehensive listing of the tricks that children do on each feature of the skate park. 

If you are interested in participating in any of these projects or have questions, you can e-mail us here. Alternatively, we can be reached through our direct line at 519-767-5033.