Current Undergraduate Team Members

Emma Currie (Honours Student)

Emma is in her fourth year as a Bachelor of Arts Honours Psychology student. She joined the lab in 2017 with the hopes of gaining insight and experience into the field of research. Emma has recently completed a research assistant position with Deborah Powell aiding with her research in interview anxiety. The work completed over the 2018 summer has been submitted to the upcoming CPA National Convention. Emma is currently completing an Honours Thesis project under the supervision of professor Harjinder Gill and M.A. student Katherine Gibbard. Her research is in partnership with Katherine’s M.A. thesis, and is focused on how organizational citizenship behaviours are impacted by individual differences in attachment anxiety and felt trust perception. Outside of academics, Emma loves hiking and photography. 

Taylor Carroll

Taylor is in her third year as a Bachelor of Arts Honours Psychology student, with a minor in Sociology. She joined Dr. Harjinder Gill’s Organizational Trust Lab as a volunteer in 2018 and has moved into a new role as an intern in winter 2019. As a volunteer, Taylor worked on projects involving trust, attachment styles, and performance, completing literature reviews under the direction of Katherine Gibbard (M.A.). Taylor is eager to continue learning and gaining experience in I-O psychology research during her current internship, where she will be working on the Firestarter project. Taylor is fascinated by the application of psychological research to organizations, and its ability to optimize positivity and functionality in the workplace. She is very passionate about the field of I-O psychology and intends to continue on to postgraduate education with this focus. In her free time, Taylor enjoys being with family and friends, and has a personal interest in creative writing.

Aisha Tokjuman

Aisha is a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Arts Honours Psychology Co-op program. She joined the lab in the Winter of 2019 as an intern. Throughout her undergrad, Aisha has been involved in a number of Co-op positions in the field of Human Resources to learn more about organizational structures. She has been involved in developing training manuals, health and safety modules, employee recruitment and team building strategies. As an intern, Aisha hopes to develop her research methods and gain valuable guidance from her skilled lab members. She anticipates using these skills to further her education into a postgraduate education in the field of I/O. Outside of academics, Aisha is learning more about the stock market as this is a new area of business she is eager to know more about. She also enjoys watching cooking shows to learn techniques she can share with her family and friends.