Lab Members

Current Graduate Students

Jordan Ho, PhD Student

Undergraduate: Honours B.Sc. in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour from McMaster University (2012–2016)

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"My research interests fall broadly under personnel selection and job applicant behaviour. My Master's thesis recently examined how people may be more willing to use deception (i.e., fake) when they perceive fierce competition for the job. In my PhD, I hope to study how faking might unfold dynamically throughout the selection process. Furthermore, I am interested in examining the implications of faking, such as whether applicants who fake more during selection also fare poorly on the job. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to network."

Brooke Charbonneau,  PhD Student

Undergraduate: Honours B.A in Art History and French from Queen's University, with a Major in Psychology from the University of Guelph.

"[Brooke's] Master's thesis focuses on the use of deceptive impression management in the interview, and how this affects new employees' experiences on the job".

Melissa Pike, MA Student

Undergraduate: Honours B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Calgary 

"Some of my research interests are topics such as personality detection, interviews, impression management, and dark personality traits. My master's research focuses on personality detection in job interviews and how we can improve employers' ability to do so."

Irene Zhang, MA Student

Undergraduate: Honours B.A. in Psychology, from the University of Western Ontario (2014-2018)

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"My research centers around personnel selection and assessment. I am interested in qualitative and quantitative methods, personality, individual differences, person perception, and careless responding. My honours thesis investigated whether intelligence in combination with the Dark Triad (i.e., psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism) could predict deceptive work behaviours. My current Master's thesis will focus on whether interview anxiety predicts job performance, and whether other variables moderate this relationship."

Hannah Teja, MA Student

Undergraduate: Honours B.Sc. in Biology and PNB (Psychology, Neuroscience &Behaviour) from McMaster University (2014-2018)

"Over the course of my undergraduate career, I’ve had the pleasure of conducting research on the links between attention and memory, multisensory perception, and the use of physiological markers as an index of encoding effort. Currently, my research interests have shifted towards applying psychological concepts to real-world issues. I’m excited to join Dr. Powell’s lab, and am looking forward to choosing a Master’s thesis topic that will help me pursue my overall goal of ensuring that workplaces are run as fairly and efficiently as possible."

Jordan Moore, MA Student

Undergraduate: Honours B.Sc in Psychology with concentration in forensic psychology from Carleton University (2014-2019)

"During my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to conduct research on a wide array of topics. In addition to my undergraduate thesis, which sought to establish a causal link between evaluative attitudes towards violence and violent behaviour, I also performed an independent research project to determine whether text message reminders could increase student study session attendance. For my master's thesis, I hope to research an aspect of the interview process such as applicant faking or interview anxiety."



Past Graduate Students

Where are they now?

Sulan Kith, Psychometrician forYardstick Assessment Strategies 

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"After finishing my Masters degree’s, I begun working as a Psychometrician in high stakes testing and certification with Yardstick Assessment Strategies. I facilitate the development of provincial and national examinations for various licensing and certification agencies. My Master’s thesis at Guelph focused on the effect of cognitive load on interviewers’ likelihood to gender discriminate during job interviews. I am returning to academia to pursuit my PhD in Management of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources at McMaster University."

Amanda Feiler, Manager Talent Management at Walmart Canada 

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"After graduating I worked for a hospital designing a performance management for their 8,000 staff and then made the move to Walmart Canada into a talent management position for four years. I had exposure to lots of talent management activities including succession planning, career development and led our assessment practice. I was responsible for designing assessments for our front line employees and managing (as well as debriefing) assessments for senior leaders. My graduate research focused on interview anxiety and I continue to speak on topics related such as public speaking and networking anxiety."

Leann Schneider, Product Manager at

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"Plum combines I/O Psychology and AI to help organizations select, develop, and retain the best people. I work with my colleagues on the Product Team to gather feedback from sales and marketing on customer and prospect needs, coordinate with our R&D team to build out the science, design and conceptualize the product, then collaborate with development to build it."

Eugenie, HR Generalist for Nespresso

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"After completing my Master's Degree, I moved back to my hometown, Montreal to work in the field of Human Resources. As a HR professional, I get to interact with people on a daily basis with goal of finding innovative ways to support both the employees and the business, which I find extremely fulfilling. I currently work as a HR Generalist for Nespresso Canada in Montreal and I love what I do!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to network!"

Current Honours Thesis Students

Larissa Wilson 

Alex Curran