Participants Wanted!

Interview Judgements and Appraisals

Invitation to Participate:

The University of Guelph Department of Psychology is currently seeking participants for a research study examining the detection of personality in interviews. This portion of the study will allow participants to be involved in a videotaped mock interview and completion of a short questionnaire.

Who is eligibe to participate?

Any University of Guelph student.

What will be asked of me?

You will participate in a mock job interview and complete a short questionnaire. The interview will be videotaped. The interviews generated from this study will be used in a follow-up studying regarding the detection of personality in interviews. We ask that you come dressed in appropriate interview attire. Answers to the questionnaire and any identifying information, outside the videotaped interview, will remain completely confidential. Questions will be general interview questions and not of a sensitive nature.

As compensation for participating in this study participants will recieve $20.

If you have any questions about this study or would like to participate please contact:

Melissa Pike, Masters Student, Department of Psychology, University of Guelph


The University of Guelph Research Ethics Board has approved this research study. REB 18-08-024