I-O Courses

PSYC*7010 Recruitment and Selection: Methods and Outcomes

This course explores organizational issues in the recruitment and selection of new employees. Topics may include: individual differences, human rights, survey-based job analysis, recruitment methods and outcomes, selection methods and outcomes, and employee placement/classification.

PSYC*7020 Employee Performance

This course focuses on issues that relate to employee performance. Individuals and organizations are interested in maximizing the contributions of employees at work. This course focuses on performance-based job-analysis, criterion theory, performance/management/appraisal, employee socialization, compensation, benefits, technology, and labour relations.

PSYC*7030 Work Attitudes and Behaviour

In this course you will examine micro-level influences on organizational behaviour. Topics may include: organizational commitment, job satisfaction, emotions, work attitudes and attitude change, organizational citizenship behaviours, withdrawal behaviours, employee well-being, deviance, and work-life integration.

PSYC*7040 Social Processes in the Workplace

In this course you will examine social processes in the workplace. Topics may include: groups, teams, and intergroup processes; justice; diversity in the workplace; prejudice and discrimination; harassment and unethical behaviour; climate, culture and culture change; and organizational development.

PSYC*7050 Research Seminar in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

This course will expose graduate students to some of the major theories, issues, and methodologies driving research in the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Students will learn to critically evaluate presentations by researchers in this field, as well as to communicate the results of their own research, in both a written and an oral format. All students are required to enroll in this course every term.

PSYC*7080 Consulting in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The course introduces students to consulting in I/O Psychology through actual consulting projects with local organizations. Topics include: marketing consulting services, understanding consulting, client and project management. Specific projects will vary from semester to semester based on work secured with local organizations (e.g. training, surveys, coaching).

PSYC*7130 Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology

This course introduces graduate students to a broad range of topics in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. It emphasizes researcher-practitioner issues, consumer behaviour, professionalism, ethics, and theory-building. As well, graduate students will learn about contemporary issues in I-O Psychology.

PSYC*7160 Employee Development

This course explores employee development in an organizational context. Employee learning and development is a key focus for employees and organizations. This course covers functional job analysis, career development, succession management, multi-source feedback, training, coaching/mentoring, and employee counseling.

PSYC*7190 Workplace Motivation and Leadership

This course examines theories, research, and applications of motivation and leadership within an organizational context. This course will include a description of classic and contemporary theories of workplace motivation and leadership, a critical evaluation of the research findings, and a discussion of the application of the research findings to the work environment.