BSc - Independent Study

BSc Independent Study Courses
ASCI*4700 Independent Studies in Arts/Sciences
ASCI*4710 Independent Studies in Arts/Sciences
BIOM*4500 Literature-based Research in Biomedical Sciences
BIOM*4510 Research in Biomedical Sciences
HK*4230 Advanced Study in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
HK*4360 Research in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
HK*4371/2 Research in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences II
IBIO*4500 Research in Integrative Biology
IBIO*4510 Research in Integrative Biology II
IBIO*4521/2 Thesis in Integrative Biology
MCB*4500 Research Project in Molecular & Cellular Biology I
MCB*4510 Research Project in Molecular & Cellular Biology
MCB*4600 Topics in Molecular & Cellular Biology
NEUR*4401/2 Research in Neurosciences
NEUR*4450 Research in Neurosciences
PSYC*3240 Independent Research Project
PSYC*4240 Advanced Independent Research Project

Contracts must be submitted to the host department.

Instructions for PSYC contracts are found below. 

ASCI: Dean's Office, College of Arts
BIOM: Department of Biomedical Science - Attention Kim Best,, OVC 2633
HK: Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences 
IBIO: Department of Integrative Biology
MCB: Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
NEUR: Department of Biomedical Science - Attention Kim Best,, OVC 2633
All contracts completed with a Psychology supervisor must be reported to Sharon Helder @

PSYC*3240/4240 Applicant Actions:

  1. Contact potential supervisors.
  2. Note for PSYC*4870 applicants: Obtaining a supervisor's agreement greatly increases the possibility that you will be approved, however be aware that it is still a competitive process. 
  3. Complete the Request to Enrol. (can be printed and scanned if you encounter incompatability using the online form)
  4. Submit to Sharon Helder at or MacKinnon 4015.


Tips for contacting a potential supervisor:

  • Before you contact a potential supervisor, familiarize yourself with their work: read their papers, know what type of work they do.
  • Be flexible in balancing your own ideas to fit within the research.
  • Be prepared to provide intellectual contribution to the project even if the work is already underway.
  • Be considerate: drop in during office hours if possible or set up an appointment.


Once a match has been confirmed, the student and supervisor will work together to complete a contract using the template below or the template provided by the course's home department. 

Contract Templates: (Microsoft Word)

3rd year: PSYC*3240
4th year: ASCI, BIOM, HK, IBIO, MCB, NEUR: Use course contract provided by course home department

PSYC 4240


PSYC*3240, 4240 and 4870: Submit signed contract to Sharon Helder at or MacKinnon 4015
Once the contract has been processed, the waiver will be granted and the student may add the course 

ASCI, BIOM, HK, IBIO, MCB and NEUR independent study courses: follow procedure as outlined by the course home department.