Frequently Asked Questions by CCAP Applicants


1) GRE Scores:

IMPORTANT: The GRE will not be accepted for Fall 2022 applications.
2) I see that additional faculty members are affiliated with the CCAP program. Can I apply to work with someone who is not a primary CCAP faculty member?
As your primary advisor and research supervisor, you should select a faculty member within the CCAP program. This does not preclude that your research might involve one of the other faculty within the Psychology department or in other departments on campus, or prevent you from also doing additional research with these other faculty. To see which CCAP faculty members are accepting students for the 2019-2020 academic year, please see the listing on the website.

3) Degrees other than Psychology

(a) If my undergrad degree is not in Psychology, am I eligible to apply to the MA?

The expectation is that incoming students will have an undergraduate Honour’s degree (with written thesis completed) in Psychology to ensure sufficient breadth of knowledge and training in Psychology before entering the MA program. This also prevents a student from needing to do many makeup courses to gather breadth of knowledge in Psychology. This is important because breadth of background knowledge in Psychology is a requirement when seeking registration later in the College of Psychologists in Ontario. 
Highly qualified candidates who do not have an undergraduate Honour’s degree in Psychology may still apply to the CCAP program. However, it is their responsibility to clearly communicate, within their application materials, why and how their previous training, knowledge, and skills warrant equivalent consideration compared to applicants who hold an undergraduate Honour’s degree in psychology. Admission decisions will be made based on information provided in the application file when review of applications begins. 
Please note: The CCAP area as a group will decide whether or not to review a file in these circumstances. Please do not email individual faculty or the Admissions Coordinator to ask whether or not your file will be reviewed; as stated- this is determined by the area as a group when all completed files are reviewed. 
b) I have an undergrad degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Psychology, but my master's is not in Child Clinical (e.g., it is in Counseling, Developmental, etc.). Will my file be considered for admission to the PhD? 
No. The expectation is that students applying at the PhD level will have an MA in Child Clinical Psychology. No exceptions.
Students who do not hold a master’s degree in child clinical psychology should apply for admission to the MA program. If they are admitted at the MA level, they may be eligible for consideration to have certain program requirements waived based on completed equivalent graduate level training for relevant courses (e.g., graduate level statistics, research methods in psychology, etc.). The thesis cannot be waived. 
In certain limited and exceptional cases, students in this situation may receive support to apply for a degree transfer following provisions laid out by Graduate Studies and following a policy developed by CCAP; please note, this would typically happen after completing one year in the MA program so students apply for the MA program in all cases. Given the high number of training requirements across the MA and PhD that must be completed in order to maintain CPA accreditation standards, and, to prepare students for successful registration/licensure as clinical psychologists, this option is not frequently appropriate for CCAP applicants.