OMAFRA Research Funding Programs


Please refer to the external deadlines posted for specific programs. Please note that minimum processing times vary from 1-2 weeks prior to the external deadline depending on the program. Researchers should follow instructions provided in the request for proposal documentation or contact the Office of Research for clarification (see below).


University of Guelph faculty and staff can be supported by OMAFRA through two competition streams: Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance and Opportunities available directly from OMAFRA.

Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance

This funding is only available to University of Guelph researchers.  Letters of intent and proposals under the Partnership are submitted to the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance and require a signed OR-5 Form.  For additional information, please contact the Alliance office.

Opportunities available directly from OMAFRA

These competitions are not exclusive to researchers at the University of Guelph; researchers may be from another Ontario university or another province. Competitions for these programs occur in two (2) stages: applicants first submit a Letter of Intent online which is reviewed and approved by the Research Services Office and submitted electronically to OMAFRA.  Researchers must submit a complete, signed OR-5 Form to the Research Services Office by the posted internal deadline. OMAFRA reviews Letters of Intent and invites selected applicants to submit Full Proposals online. Both Letters of Intent and Full Proposals submitted must be reviewed and approved prior to submission to OMAFRA by the Research Services Office. Information on these competitions can be found on the OMAFRA Research & Innovation Branch website.  For more information, please contact Linda McCorkindale, Contracts Officer.


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