Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Through its programs and policies, SSHRC enables the highest levels of research excellence in Canada, and facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration across research disciplines, universities and all sectors of society.

Minimum Processing Times

In general, minimum processing time for SSHRC grant competitions is one (1) week prior to the external deadline posted by SSHRC.

Please refer to the external deadlines posted by SSHRC.

Application Instructions

Please submit a signed OR-5 form with your SSHRC application to the Research Services Office for signatures one week in advance of the SSHRC deadline specified.


For More Information

Please contact Research Services Office:

  • Ariah Easley ( for Partnership Engage, Connection, and Insight/Insight Development Grants, and
  • Kristin Zimmermann ( for Partnership Development and Partnership Grants.