Classical Yoga Class Every Tuesday & Thursday

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Classical Yoga is a particularly effective and efficient system to not only stretch, tone and develop the muscles but stimulate robust health in all systems of the body.  Regular practice can relieve stress and anxiety and promote mental concentration.

We will practice physical postures to develop strength, flexibility and stamina. We will learn techniques to control breath and develop lung capacity, increase oxygen flow to the brain and reduce tension.

We will leave every session feeling refreshed mentally and physically, equipped with some powerful tools for keeping the body and mind in peak condition.

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Meeting ID: 874 2628 8959

Password: 665965

 If you have any questions about this class please contact Lalit Jairath at (email address) or call ext. 58673.

Each session will be approximately 50 minutes long. 

WHAT TO WEAR AND WHAT TO BRING: Please wear loose-fitting clothes, and bring either your Yoga mat or some sheet/towel to sit on and lie down during Yogic exercises.

WHAT TO EAT: Please do not eat at least two hours before, but if you wish, you may bring water. After yoga, you may have your lunch.


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