Your Masterful Team Huddle (For Managers)

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Learning and Development is offering a new online program.

Good team huddles – virtual and live - are proving to be one the very best productivity tools a leader can use to keep their teams feeling appreciated, resilient and focused whether working from home or in the office.

Learning Objectives

  • Best practices for structuring your team huddle. (5 Potential Components to consider while designing your ideal team huddle, using appreciation as an impactful tool to build engagement and support development, powerful questions to help you help your team align around priorities, manage expectations and stay resilient as they navigate the “new normal”).
  • Tips & strategies for facilitating a positive and engaging team huddle. (Using technology properly, facilitating virtually, good questions and good listening, delegating huddle leadership, etc.)

Facilitator: Doug Heidebrecht, Sun Mountain Self Management

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