Excellence Chat with Dr. Grahahm Lowe - How to Enable Your Workforce to Thrive as You Transition Out of the Pandemic

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Hosted by Excellence Canada with guest speaker Dr. Graham Lowe, this webinar provides an organizational lens for looking at how to enable your entire workforce to thrive as you transition out of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 lock-down has focused the attention of managers, HR experts and wellness professionals on the urgent task of protecting workers’ physical and mental health. These health protection measures have contained the spread of COVID-19. Now it is essential to think ahead to how your organization can chart a healthy course toward a new normal. The stresses and hardships the pandemic has imposed on individual employees make it essential for decision-makers to design a recovery path that is both health-promoting and sustainable. Anyone in a management position can benefit from Dr. Lowe’s insights about designing a healthy change process, cultivating team resilience, and fostering the mutual trust that will be essential for future success.

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