LIVE WEBINAR-How to Adopt a Growth Mindset to Adapt to the Future Now

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Hosted by U of G's Learning and Development team.

For Faculty and Staff

What leads people to be successful? Is it intellectual ability, hard work, or talent? According to world-renowned author and professor Carol Dweck, it has more to do with an individual’s mindset or beliefs about themselves. Individuals who believe that intelligence and ability is fixed tend to focus on proving themselves and will go to great lengths to avoid appearing unintelligent, which can prevent them from becoming successful and adapting to change. With the discovery of neuroplasticity, we know it is possible to change your mindset. Which mindset have you adopted in recent months? Longitudinal research is clear: we can all learn to adopt more of a growth mindset; with practice, new connections form in our brain that enable us to grow and even outpace our smarter and richer counterparts.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • Describe why developing a growth mindset is more powerful than developing self-esteem
  • Embrace the science that demonstrates that getting smarter is far more effective than being smart or having talent
  • Notice your internal dialogue during “trigger moments”
  • Reframe experiences of failure or mistakes as “not yet”
  • Apply the principles and strategies to challenge your fixed mindset and to develop a growth mindset that will support your growth, adaptability, and success
  • Intentionally select the language you use that support others’ learning rather than undermine it (you will never tell your kids they are smart again!)

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