LIVE WEBINAR- Making the Shift from Feeling Incompetent to Being Competent When Learning Something New

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Hosted by U of G's Learning and Development team.

For Faculty and Staff

Our brain loves certainty and predictability. Faster than the speed of light…ok, at least faster than the fastest computer processor, our brain finds the most efficient route to getting things done. We are creatures of habit. So, no wonder it often takes a catalytic mechanism to jolt us out of our habitual ways of doing things. The global coronavirus pandemic has presented us with unprecedented challenges, for some more so than others. It has also opened up opportunities for us to learn and grow. In a few short weeks, many of us pivoted overnight to working from home, using technology we never heard of or avoided in the past, teaching our kids mathematical equations which we long forgot, co-creating new ways to collaborate and connect, find creative ways to live a sane life. In short, we have learned a lot in a short period of time because we had no choice. This is a time to acknowledge how much we have learned, how capable we are, and how much bigger our comfort zone is than we realized. What if we used this moment to be thoughtful about how we learn, change, and grow? In this interactive webinar, you will learn the four stages of competence model and how to use it to your advantage when faced with situations in which learning is important and the pathway to becoming competent.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • Acknowledge the ways in which they have learned and grown over the past few months
  • Articulate the four stages of competence that individuals can move through when learning a new skill
  • Identify the stage of learning they are in with regards to various skills they are currently learning
  • Use strategies that support the transition from feeling “incompetent” to being “competent” without giving up too early during the effortful stage of learning
  • Adopt a healthier and more positive attitude about their own process of learning so that mastering competence in the skills they care about is more within their grasp

Facilitator: Linda Watt, Director, and Evelina Rog, Senior Consultant, HR Learning and Development

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