The Neuroscience of Thriving through Crisis - How to Make Work Sustainable and Leverage the Moment

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Hosted by U of G's Learning and Development team.

For Senior Leaders, Chairs, Directors, and People Managers

In this session, we will listen to a webcast hosted by the Association for Talent Development featuring NeuroLeadership Institute founder Dr. David Rock present on “The Neuroscience of Thriving Through Crisis.” Change is highly disruptive and threatening to the brain. During this webcast you’ll come to understand why your brain and that of your team members is so challenged by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll also hear why the current crisis has created the most powerful opportunity of a lifetime to make big changes to how we work. We have a finite amount of time in which to tap into people’s newfound energy to create richer and more human cultures that will enable us to succeed in the future. David Rock will provide the tools you need to develop specific language for how to manage day to day and develop a deeper understanding of the actions needed to build resilience for you and your team. He’ll share the critical habits everyone needs and how to use neuroscience to activate habits at scale.

Following the webcast, we will engage in an interactive discussion with your fellow peer leaders which will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and generate ideas that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day leadership practice.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • Differentiate the three levels of threat in our brain and the impact each has on our ability to perform at work
  • Three critical strategies to thrive through crisis
  • Apply the SCARF model and how it can be used to reduce threat in the brain by creating buffers and positive signals
  • Formulate ideas for how to rethink work practices, schedules and meetings to make work sustainable
  • Plan how to leverage this unique time to build more successful learning engagements and company culture

Facilitator: Linda Watt, Director, and Evelina Rog, Senior Consultant, HR Learning and Development

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