LIVE FACILITATED PODCAST- Leading with Emotional Intelligence During a Pandemic

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For Senior Leaders, Chairs, Directors, and People Managers

There is no guidebook for the global trauma and the aftermath being brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The heightened anxiety and uncertainty people are experiencing has created an even greater need for leaders to develop a deep understanding of their own and others’ emotional landscapes. In this session, we will listen to an episode of Brené Brown’s podcast “Unlocking Us” in which she interviews Dr. Marc Brackett about his latest book “Permission to Feel.” While you may or may not see it as part of your job to attend to the feelings of your team members, consider the biggest struggles you usually face and your biggest time sucks; most likely, these relate to dealing with problematic behaviours, whether that’s resistance to change, uncivil behaviour, ineffective teamwork, uninspiring leadership, etc. The challenge is, we focus on the wrong thing in these situations. This podcast provides invaluable and practical strategies you can use to develop your emotional intelligence so that you can lead yourself and others through these challenging times, and beyond.

Following the podcast, we will engage in an interactive discussion with your fellow peer leaders which will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and generate ideas that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day leadership practice.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • Distinguish between a feeling, an emotion, and a meta-feeling
  • Relate the impact that our emotions have on important outcomes like our relationships, well-being, performance
  • Understand the science behind why leaders need to attend to their own emotions and that of their team members
  • Differentiate between experiencing and expressing feelings
  • Acknowledge that emotion regulation requires effort and a supportive listener
  • Understand the barriers that get in our way of experiencing and expressing our emotions and inviting others to do the same

Facilitator: Linda Watt, Director, and Evelina Rog, Senior Consultant, HR Learning and Development

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