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Principles, Attitudes and Practices for Success

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Leadership is not a position or title. It is an outlook, a way of looking at the world and ourselves in it. Personal leadership is about taking leadership of our selves – of our experiences, our habits and behaviours, our emotional reactions, and our interactions with others in our personal and professional lives. Over the course of this program, you will deepen your understanding of your personal leadership, build your social and emotional skills to enhance your relationships, and discover your personal path to success in the workplace.

This virtual program consists of a commitment to: four 2 hour sessions and a follow-up session, completing an online emotional intelligence self-assessment and a confidential debrief session, completing brief readings and/or exercises in between sessions, and connecting with a peer-learning partner in between sessions to reflect upon and transfer your learning. To participate in this program, it will be important for you to use both your video and audio.

Program Focus:

  • Create a personal vision of your personal leadership
  • Understand your internal experience when you experience distress in your relationships
  • Learn how to respond in times of stress, rather than reacting emotionally or habitually
  • Identify your assumptions and how they may hold you back from more fulfilling relationships
  • Build your capacity for “self-differentiation” to enable you to work through conflict effectively
  • Understand the impact of your behaviour and actions on self and others
  • Identify opportunities for self-care as a way to build your emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Practice empathy and understand how it is different from pity or sympathy

Cost: There is a fee of $150 to participate in this program to cover the online self-assessment.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the costs associated with delivering this program, we ask that you cancel at least 2 weeks prior to the first session. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation penalty of $150 that will be charged to your department.

To register for the complete program you need only register for the first session. You will be prompted to enter your department’s 26 digit coding when you register.

Facilitator, Evelina Rog, Senior HR Consultation, Learning & Development, University of Guelph

Dates are: Feb 11, Feb 25, March 11, March 25 with a follow up session May 13, 2021.

Register on the Learning and Develpment website.

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