Morning Mindfulness Moment: Loving Kindness Meditation

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Join this very short mindful moment to kick start your week. This mindfulness exercise will be a guided activity focused on strengthening feelings of kindness and connection toward others. 

Join to sit back, relax and follow along to the guided script to start your day in a positive way. No video required. 

If you are registering on the morning of this session, please email to ensure you receive the meeting invitation. 

Note: This is part of a mindfulness series throughout June, so explore the other meditation topics including gratitude, walking meditation and common humanity.

Facilitated by: Sarah Schoeffel, Wellness@Work Advisor, HR 

Participant Feedback

"I think this should be incorporated into everyone's day to help remind them to be present."

"It is really wonderful to have such a moment of peace in your busy work day. Having this session gave me permission to take this time to focus and reset."

"Enjoyed that this was a Monday morning option to set a tone for the week."


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