Prioritizing the Emotional Side of Change

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For Senior Leaders, Chairs, Directors, People Managers

Leading through change is a very difficult leadership skill to master. Change comes with ambiguity, uncertainty, and unpredictability, all interpreted as threats by our brain. Even when a change initiative is well thought out and will clearly make things better, push-back and resistance can be expected.

Focusing on what is at the heart of the matter, the emotional side of change, is the most challenging aspect of leading through change – and the key to success. According to Susan David, world renowned psychologist and author of Emotional Agility, the key sign of an emotionally agile leader is a leader who has developed the capacity to understand people’s internal experience when they are in a state of change. This leader has learned how to process and work through their own and others’ “negative emotions” so that they can make progress together, harnessing the creativity and problem-solving capability of the whole team.

What participants will learn:

  • The normal nature and range of mixed human emotions that can be experienced in a time of change
  • How to embrace the fullness of the human experience in the workplace so that you can harness people’s creativity and problem-solving capabilities
  • How to recognize the range of human emotions and ways you can support people to work through their mixed emotions about the change
  • How to recognize and attend to the human needs that are often behind the so called negative emotions, that are behind the so called bad resistant behaviours, that are hijacking your change efforts.

Facilitator: Evelina Rog, Senior Consultant, HR Learning and Development

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