UofG Plant Talks Presents: The Ontario Heritage and Feral Apple Project

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Get to know the amazing research conducted by faculty across UofG and how it relates to the plants around us! Join Brian Husband and Paul Kron as they discuss the Ontario Heritage and Feral  Apple Project, through which their lab is helping members of the public to uncover the secrets of the old apple trees growing at the back of their property or along their favourite trail. This talk highlights interesting findings about sexual and asexual reproduction in the native crab apples and the role that naturalized domestic apples and abandoned orchards may be playing in wild plant communities.

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Brian Husband is a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology and Associate Dean Academic for the College of Biological Science.  His lab group studies the ecology, genetics, and reproductive biology of plant populations and uses these tools to understand fundamental evolutionary processes and address problems in agriculture and conservation biology.

Paul Kron is a Research Associate in Brian’s lab whose research has focused on the development of methods for measuring DNA content in plant tissues, especially pollen grains, and on the reproductive biology of Malus.

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