Anxiety: Skills & Strategies

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This group program meets once a week for 3 weeks to develop and practice skills in decreasing the uncomfortable sensations of anxiety.

A variety of long and short self-calming techniques are introduced, along with behaviours that can help prevent escalation of anxiety.  All techniques in this program have originated from research into strategies which decrease anxiety. They have been well studied and the most up-to-date information will be presented.

This is not a self-disclosure or therapy group; the purpose is developing skills and a personal plan of action.  
This educational program emphasizes skill acquisition and gaining  information about diminishing anxiety and panic.  Daily practice is very strongly recommended.

These techniques are especially helpful in the self-regulation of uncomfortable sensations like :

  • muscle tension and tightness in the chest & shoulders
  • feeling like it's hard to breathe, or not getting enough air
  • palpitations & skipped beats of the heart
  • racing mind & anxious thoughts
  • feeling panicky

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  • $ 30 for members of United Steelworkers Local 4120   (due to a subsidy from Local 4120)
  • $ 60 for all others 

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