COVID Recovery: Relax & Restore

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Re-energize body and mind...jumpstart your recovery from the drains of the COVID pandemic...

As the worldwide pandemic continues, are you feeling more stressed?   

Worried? Anxious? Tired? Running on empty?

This NEW six-session program introduces a variety of research-based practices to help :

  • restore and recharge
  • enhance physical and mental health
  • increase effectiveness and self-regulation in the midst of a stressful life

Along with tips on how to build up resiliency to get through life's rough patches, a different restorative mind/body technique is practiced every week :

  • breathing patterns that most powerfully impact the parasympathetic nervous system
    (the part of the nervous system that calms, heals, rests, and restores us)
    and how to measure it with biofeedback!
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Autogenic Training
  • Open Focus / Open Awareness
  • Meditation
  • Power Hour  (and it doesn't take an hour!)

Beyond providing many options, experiencing this 'smorgasbord' increases understanding of which elements are most personally effective, along with how to modify them and match techniques to numerous situations.

Skills training is emphasized in class and daily practice is very strongly recommended. Like playing the piano or riding a bicycle, invested practice produces effective skills that last a lifetime.

The COVID RECOVERY : Relax & Restore program begins on Tuesday, MAY 24, 2022 meeting from 7:00 - 8:00 pm for 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings


  • $ 20 for University of Guelph students   (due to a subsidy from U of G Student Health Services)
  • $ 59 for members of United Steelworkers Local 4120   (due to a subsidy from Local 4120)
  • $ 119 for all others

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