Movement Monday - Chair Yoga: Get Fit Where you Sit - January 23, 2023

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Chair Yoga is the way to ​go when you are reluctant to get into the yoga clothes and get on the mat- challenge yourself with Chair yoga. 

Chair Yoga is a gentle yoga practice that adapts various traditional postures for practice in the chair or with the support of a chair. It is a gentle form of yoga that involves breath-work, meditation, and gentle stretches; all of which release stress and tension from both body and mind. This form of yoga helps those who are aging or have disabilities but is also used in office settings to relieve stress right in our own office chairs, even during the workday. The practice increases flexibility, strength, and body awareness. It soothes the nervous system and helps to calm the busy mind. It also decreases the potential for injury due to repetitive strain in the workplace! 

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About the facilitator:

Monique Vischschraper is an advanced, certified yoga instructor with over a thousand hours of yoga teaching experience. Her own practice dates back to her youth; her mother to this day jokes that she was doing yoga in-utero in tandem with her mother. Monique leads yoga at the Guelph Community Health Centre, Movati, and at the University of Guelph as part of the U of G Yoga and Meditation Collective. She is continually studying and upgrading her knowledge and skills. She enjoys learning about the anatomy, physiology and science of yoga as well as studying the ancient yogic texts.

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