Vocal Health First Aid: How to Protect your Vocal Cords

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Did you know a high-voice user speaks at least 4 hours a day? In our job, at home, and while we speak throughout our day, it is easy to be a medium (2-4 hours) or high (4-6 hours) voice user. Especially if we are in a job role that requires teaching, facilitating, and frequent speaking in meetings throughout the day. Yet we do not think about the health of our vocal cords. Even something such as wearing a mask or having reduced lung capacity can impact our voice. 

In this session about vocal hygiene we will learn about: 

  • What our  vocal cords do
  • How to take care of our voice and warm up our vocal cords before long period of speaking
  • Side effects of not taking proper vase of our vocal cords
  • Participant questions will be answered 

Register now! You can submit questions when you register that will be answered during the talks. We look forward to this enlightening discussion with you!

About the facilitator: 

Marion Samuel-Stevens is a long time session lecturer in the School of Fine Art and Music and is studying Vocal Habilitation (Health)


Email wellnessatwork@uoguelph.ca 

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