Hibernate: A virtual, creative workshop on caring for our mental health in winter

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Virtual- event invite will be sent closer to the date. 


Winter is a hard season for many of us. The days are shorter, the quality of light is not as brilliant as the Spring & Summer months, the cold temperatures limit our activities and often lead us to retreat inside. For these reasons and more, our mental health can really suffer during the winter months. Join us for this creative workshop as we focus on how winter can be a season of healing dormancy and restoration. We will use art to reflect upon the ways that we want to care for ourselves in this season.

If you attended this workshop when Jazmine hosted it last January 2023, you are more than welcome to attend again, as though the theme remains the same, the art directive will be unique.

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Required Materials
The essential materials you will need to participate in this workshop are listed below. A list of optional materials is also listed; having one or more of these on hand will enhance your artmaking experience.

Essential Art Materials:

  • A pencil • 1-2 sheets of paper - 8.5X11inches or larger (this could be cardstock, watercolour paper, sketchbook paper, printer paper etc.)
  •  Any materials that allow you to add colour (one or more the following: pencil crayons, markers, pastels, watercolour paints)
  •  A warm drink and snacks

Optional Art Materials:

  •  Pencil crayons, markers, watercolours, acrylic paints, oil pastels, scrapbook paper, collage images

Created and Facilitated by: Jazmine Tufford-Singh, Registered Art Therapist (RCAT), Registered Psychotherapist (RP), Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)

Questions? Email nezici@uoguelph.ca  

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