Laptop Ergonomics While Working Remotely

Working on a laptop for prolonged periods during the day can cause discomfort in several areas of your body depending on your position and the repetitiveness of the task. Read a few tips to make your remote work location as comfortable as possible.

CAMH Guide to Mental Health & the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current situation is stressful for everyone and it is normal to be anxious and worried. The CAMH site is designed to provide information and suggestions about how best to cope in this difficult time.

Self-Care Starter Kit

View Homewood Health’s Self-Care Starter Kit for some new ideas on how to cultivate self-care in your everyday life.  Build a self-care plan to help take steps towards a happier and healthier life during these uncertain times.

Stress and Anxiety Webinar

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020  to 

This webinar will examine stress and anxiety. It will explore what the differences are, how we can recognize it, and how we can manage it. Participants will walk away with an increased understanding of what it means to experience anxiety, and how we can limit stress.

Fall Foliage Photo Contest

Snap a photo in October of some fall leaves, trees, branches or plants for your chance to win a prize! 

Include a sentence or two description of the photo.

Gryphons Read

Gryphons Read is a tradition at the University of Guelph.  Each year a different book by a Canadian author is selected to be read by the campus community as a way to share a common reading experience to explore diverse identities and lived experiences, and the themes about the human condition that they address.

Recess League

Do you miss the good old days on the playground? We have the solution for you, Recess League runs weekly with a random sport picked each time inspired by school yard games. Recess League is a great way to have a mental wellness break in the middle of the work day!

Wellness@Work Grant Program

The Wellness@Work Grant Program is designed to further enhance the physical and psychological health, safety and the quality of life for all faculty and staff.

U of G Garden Gander

John Reinhart, Grounds Manager, will take participants on a noon hour walk to explore different gardens and trees on our campus.  Each week will feature a different area of campus with more to discover.  Come learn about new plantings, plant problems, botany, history of plantings and more!