AHL Update - Current status, Current hours, after hours drop off closed and a new AHL fee schedule/user guide coming May 1.

To our valued clients, below is an update of our status as we move through these trying times:

1. As an essential service, AHL is open and continues to operate with reduced staffing. We have altered working hours with two shifts in some areas to make sure we have proper physical distancing and to keep up with the workload.To concentrate on priority tests, we have for the time being discontinued most virus neuralization testing.

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Easter Holiday Weekend

To all clients

AHL Guelph will be on Statutory holiday / Sunday hours on Friday April 10, 2020. Specimen Room will be open for receiving 9AM-5PM (sample drop off available 24/7).

Saturday will be operating on regular Saturday hours and services (Bacteriology and Clinical Pathology) and Sunday we are closed (drop off and emergency PM available)

Kemptville is closed on Good Friday April 10, 2020 opening Monday April 13th.

Monday April 13, 2020 - AHL Guelph and AHL Kemptville will be open.

AHL is open and continues to operate with reduced staffing

AHL is open and continues to operate with reduced staff as noted below - this will be our "normal" operations for the forseeable future. Please observe safe distancing when you are dropping off samples (1 in vestibule at a time) . Turn around times may be affected. AHL specimen reception has closed the curtain so there is no direct interaction with clients for the sfatey of our staff and the public - please call ahead (ext 54530) if you will have any questions if dropping off submissions. Stay safe!

March 25 update on Virology Laboratory operations

Since Monday, March 23 2020, AHL has been operating with reduced staff to maximize physical distancing in the laboratory. Consequently, many tests will be batched to maximize efficiency and turnaround times may/will be extended.  These include:

1)         results of PCR testing may not always be available same day;

2)         genotyping turnaround times will be extended;

3)         ELISA and AGID tests will be continued, but turnaround times will be extended;

Clonality, Flow Cytometry and and all Virus Neutralization testing currently NOT available at AHL

Testing NOT available at AHL: 

Flow Cytometry (done by OVC Pathobiology)

Clonality (done by OVC Pathobiology)

Virus Neutralization testing  (done by AHL Virology)

In an emergency we can seek an alternate lab but please keep in mind all North American labs are dealing with the same issues. 

Thanks and stay safe 

Jim Fairles

email with questions. 

AHL is an essential service

Core operations will continue. Please email if any testing questions.

Stay safe!

Jim Fairles 

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