Our People

DVM, MSc, PhD, Virologist and Immunologist

Email: ahl.virology@uoguelph.ca

Executive Assistant to the AHL Director

Email: holiver@uoguelph.ca

DVM, MSc, PhD, Diplomate ACVP Clinical Pathologist/ Toxicologist

Email: freggeti@uoguelph.ca

DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVP, Clinical Pathologist

Email: kruotsal@uoguelph.ca

BSc, MBA, Technical Supervisor, Virology

Email: jsawicki@uoguelph.ca

BSc, MSc, Technical Supervisor, Toxicology/Soil & Nutrient

Email: nschrier@uoguelph.ca

DVM, Dip Path, Dip Eq Surg, Veterinary Pathologist

Email: jshapiro@uoguelph.ca

DVM, MSc, PhD, Bacteriologist

Email: dslavic@uoguelph.ca

Director AHL / DVM, DVSc, MBA, Diplomate ACVP, Mammalian Pathologist

Email: mspinato@uoguelph.ca