Contagious equine metritis (CEM) - culture





Days test started:

ship M-Th


10-15 d*

Available for:

Companion Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

Uterine swab.

Shipping Information

Ship in insulated container with freezer packs.

Collection Protocol

Amies transport medium WITH charcoal (swab) ONLY. Clitoral sinus sample must be collected using a mini-tipped swab. Media must not be expired. Do not cover expiration date with labels or tape. Sample must arrive at external lab within 48 h of sample collection. Samples must arrive cold. Please put date and time of collection on swab label.

Additional Information

Please make arrangements with AHL prior to collecting samples. AHL required to contact Cornell in advance. For isolation of Taylorella equigenitalis and T. asinigenitalis. Shipping (test code: xtrnu), handling (test code: xhand) and accession (test code: xacccor) fees are also applicable on each submission. External test price is subject to change.