Histopathology, on companion/other, 7 or more biopsies or tissues, in-house companion/other/equine PM





Days test started:



3-10 d

Available for:

Companion Animal

Specimen Type/Volume

For submissions with 7 or more biopsies or tissues, OR biopsies or tissues > 10 cm diameter, e.g., spleen, brain, mammary chain, heart. Formalin-fixed tissue.

Shipping Information

Collection Protocol

Fix appropriately sized tissue samples in 10% neutral buffered formalin, with a tissue:formalin ratio of 1:10. Samples should be fixed for 24 h prior to trimming and processing.

Additional Information

1. Additional charges per slide for >10 slides. 2. Additional charges (per 15 min) may apply for the pathologist to sample large or complex specimens (e.g. amputated limbs, joints, heart, spleen, lungs) submitted for diagnostic testing. 3. Please specify if margin evaluation is required as additional charges will apply for biopsies >2 cm (see test histt). 4. Additional charges will apply for biopsies requiring decalcification and / or nail softening, such as digit amputations and bone biopsies (see tests histdc and histns).