Multiphase Flow Research @ UOG

The simultaneous flow of two or more immiscible liquids or liquids and gases in a flow passage is referred to as multiphase flow. The terminology is also used for the flow of liquids (or liquids and gases) containing solid particles. This type of flow takes place in a wide spectrum of engineering applications such as power generation, water treatment, oil  production, water desalination, refrigeration and air conditioning, carbon capture and sequestration as well as in other activities such as food and material handling. In order to achieve both sustainability and high efficiency of the processes involved in these systems, accurate prediction of thermal and hydrodynamic performance is required. The challenges in analyzing/designing such engineering systems  are due to the complex nature of multiphase flow which is characterized by turbulence, deformable phase interface, phase interaction, phase slip, and compressibility of the gas phase. Our research aims at resolving the difficulties associated with the analysis of multiphase flows using both experimental and numerical techniques to provide reliable solutions for many industrial problems.