Engineering and Design I

Engineering and Design I (1100)

Engineering and Design I is an introduction to engineering and design by means of selected problems. Students integrate basic science, mathematics, and complementary studies to develop and communicate engineering solutions to specific needs using graphical, oral, and written means. Application of computer-aided drafting, spreadsheets, and other tools to simple engineering design problems. The practice of professional engineering and the role of ethics in engineering.

The aim of the course is an introduction to engineering design and to Guelph’s sequence of design courses, an introduction to expectations of the profession in spirit and specifics, to establish a collaborative and team philosophy around learning and engineering, and to stimulate enthusiasm through the successful completion of a design challenge.  Finally, to initiate the development of independent learning skills that are essential for success in engineering education and engineering careers.

Design I Project

Teddy Bear Wheelchair

Interdisciplinary student teams from first-year design (ENGG*1100) design, build and code a wheelchair for a teddy bear. Wheelchairs must complete a variety of tests to grade performance and accuracy, including a target-practice test through using a ping-pong projectile.


  • Systematic engineering design process
  • Design solutions to defined problems
  • Engineering design documentation
  • Construct solutions with engineering tools
  • Professional engineering responsibilities
  • Analyze existing and historical designs
  • Team work and project management

    Teddy Bear Wheelchair

  • Brainstorming
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Testing