Engineering and Design IV

Engineering and Design IV (41X)

Engineering and Design IV is the capstone design course for the Engineering program. Teams of normally 3-4 students apply engineering analysis and design principles to an engineering problem in their discipline. A completely specified solution at the level of preliminary or final design is required, including assessment of socio-economic and environmental impact. This is a small group design that requires reports and a poster presentation to a professional standard. Ethics and legal case studies relevant to professional engineering practice are presented during the lectures.

Design IV Project

Final Capstone Project

41X projects are to improve life through designing a solution to solve an open-ended problem. Previous year’s projects have included: agriculture designs, solutions aimed at improving the environment, robotics and artificial intelligence, healthcare and accessibility. Teams get the opportunity to work interdisciplinary to use a combined knowledge to solve a problem – much like in a real world scenario.

The final capstone project consists of:

  • Completing a large 41X poster
  • Presenting the chosen problem, and solution
  • Designing and constructing a prototype
  • Submitting a final summary report
  • Apply academic knowledge
  • Collect and analyse information
  • Synthesize solutions
  • Apply design principles
  • Communicate design solution
  • Project management
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Societal responsibility of engineers
  • Expectations of a professional engineer
  • Life long learning
  • Professional development

    Final Capstone Project

  • Proposal
  • Summary
  • Design/Construction
  • Presentation
  • Final report
  • Design IV Project Image Gallery