bidens's picture

Scott Biden

Senior Research Associate

Research Impact:

Partial Equilibrium Modelling, International Trade, Trade Policy, Dairy, Biotechnology, Pork,  Poultry, Beef


B.Sc. Major in Economics Minor in Germanic Studies, University of Victoria

M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, University of Saskatchewan

Former Ph.D. Student Agricultural Economics, University of Guelph

Featured Publications:

Biden, S.,  Ker, A.,  Duff, S. (2020).  Impacts of trade liberalization in Canada's supply managed dairy industryAgricultural Economics, 1– 18

Biden, S., Smyth, S.J., Hudson, D. (2018). The economic and environmental cost of delayed GM crop adoption: The case of Australia's GM canloa moratorium. GM Crops & Food, 9(1), 13-30.

Current Reserach:

Partial Equilibrium Modelling, Policy Analysis, Canadian Dairy, Supply Management, Econometrics, Canadian Poultry Industry