Danielle Mayers

Research Assistant


Research/Work Interests

There is a disconnect between which technologies and strategies are available to facilitate our movement towards the sustainable and equitable management of natural resources and what is practical for resource users (i.e. users who must balance their livelihood goals with the need to conserve resources).

I want to work towards bridging the gap between the science necessary to move towards cleaner and more efficient resource use and the practical needs of the farmers, fishermen and other resource users, whose livelihoods and survival are often forgotten in environmental/sustainability decision-making. 




Mayers, D. and R.J. Vyn. ``Private Benefits to Farmers from Using Cover Crops" Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES) Ninth Annual Candian Agri-Food Policy Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, February 14, 2019. (poster presented by D. Mayers)


Master of Arts with Distinction in Sustainable Environmental Management,  Middlesex University, London, UK.  (2013-2014)

Bachelor of Arts in Human Environment (Geography) and Urban Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, QC.  (2006-2010) 


Current Reserach:

Thesis Topic: To evaluate the economic and environmental costs and benefits of cover crops in Ontario,  

Thesis Advisor: Dr Richard Vyn 

Graduate Student Information: