Seminar: Natural Cider and Why do We Make It?

Date and Time


Macdonald Stewart Hall


The cider industry in Ontario is no longer a scene full of start ups. Most of the existing cidery's have at least a couple of years under them now and are now slowly moving away from extremely experimental ciders, each of them finding their own niche. Revel Cider started by making ciders with botanicals, fruits, and new yeast strains from their friends at Escarpment Labs. They have since moved to 100% spontaneously fermented cider, their farmer is on the road to Organic Certification and they are also making significant amounts of Perry and Wine, in addition to their cider.

This talk will be focused on exploring the world of native yeast fruit fermentation, the myriad of flavours this style leads to, and the changing perceptions of cider in the industry as a whole.

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