Fall 2016 Course Outlines

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Course # Title Instructor
HTM 1000  Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management B.McAdams
HTM 2010 Hospitality & Tourism Business Communications J. Flaherty
HTM 2030 Control Systems in the Hospitality Industry W. Murray
HTM 2030DE Control Systems in the Hospitality Industry A. Crerar
HTM 2170  Responsible Tourism Policy and Planning T. Karrow
HTM 2700  Understanding Foods A. Crerar
HTM 2740   Cultural Aspects of Food C. Herzog
HTM 3030   Beverage Management J. Barth
HTM 3060  Lodging Management W. Jo
HTM 3080  Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Managers R. McLean
HTM 3090  Restaurant Operations Management S. Day
HTM 3120  Service Operations Analysis J. Barth
HTM 3160 Destination Management & Marketing H. Choi
HTM 3780DE Managing Food in Canada T. MacLaurin
HTM 4090 Hospitality Development, Design & Sustainability W. Murray
HTM 4190 Hospitality and Tourism Industry Consultation M. von Massow
HTM 4300 Co-op Education Seminar B. McAdams
MGMT1000  Introduction to Business K. Rodenburg
MGMT2150 Introduction to Canadian Business M. Tabatabaeilotfi
MGMT4000 Strategic Management E. van Duren
UNIV6050 Integrating Science & Business T. MacLaurin