The Service Center Podcast

The Service Centre PodcastWelcome to the Service Center!


"Exploring the people and the passions found in the hospitality industry. The Service Center pulls back the curtain with one-on-one conversations with top industry experts and service-focused thought leaders, showcasing their rich histories, unique stories and valuable lessons from the field."

Hosted by:
William C. Murray, PhD
School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management
University of Guelph                                    

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Featured guests include:

  • Sara Glenn
  • Jerrett Young
  • Scott Stratten
  • Madison Homewood
  • Joseph Klein
  • Neil Hornsby
  • Rosanna Caira
  • Sean Billing
  • Rachel Dodds
  • Susie Grynol
  • Erin Haid
  • Arjun Channa
  • Darcy MacDonell 
  • Mandy Farmer

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