HHNS Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The HHNS Commitment

  • HHNS is committed to an being an equitable, diverse, accessible, and inclusive community.
  • We value diversity and inclusivity because we know that diversity in experiences and perspectives is vital to advancing innovation, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and the creation of a modern, representative academic community. 
  • The Department is committed to developing and maintaining a culture that is positive, collegial, and respectful of all members, and in which wellness and healthy work-life balance are valued - contributing to excellence in research and teaching. 
  • To develop an inclusive and vibrant Departmental culture, the Department maintains standing committees focused on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Mental Health and Wellness and has implemented specific recommendations for faculty hiring that incorporate these important issues.


The HHNS EDI Committee’s Terms of Reference

  • HHNS will be an equitable, diverse, and inclusive community.
  • The HNNS EDI committee is guided by the University of Guelph’s commitment to equity, diversity & inclusion; https://www.uoguelph.ca/diversity-human-rights/
  • The committee will guide HHNS in ensuring equitable opportunities and distribution of resources for all current and future students, staff, faculty and community members.
  • The committee will enact change at the Department level by providing leadership and guidance across HHNS activities and tying in with other EDI initiatives.
  • The committee will be comprised of HHNS members who are committed to EDI and ensuring broad representation.
  • The committee aims to create a movement within HHNS. We are committed to continuous reflection, learning, and growth and will model this culture.
  • The committee recognizes the critical importance of truth and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and the concerted focus this requires on EDI topics and beyond.
  • The committee welcomes input and participation from racialized individuals and those of other equity seeking groups, and allies.
  • The HHNS EDI Committee exists to promote a culture of reflection, learning, and growth, with ripple effects beyond the Department.


Current Committee Members:

  • Christian Cheung
  • Bridget Coyle-Asbil
  • Hannah Coyle-Asbil
  • Justine Keathley
  • Amar Laila
  • Anne Lovett-Hutchinson
  • Michael McBurney
  • Devin McCarthy
  • Jen Monk
  • Coral Murrant
  • Laelie Snook
  • Lori Vallis
  • Amanda Wright (ajwright@uoguelph.ca), Chair

Please reach out if you want to get involved or if you have questions, suggestions or concerns of an EDI nature.



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