Faculty Hiring Guidelines

Promoting Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellness in Faculty Hiring

The goal of the guidelines outlined here is to institute best practices to attract and identify the best candidates for any given faculty position. This objective is best achieved by ensuring that no exceptional candidates are excluded, overlooked, or evaluated inaccurately due to the many biases inherent in typical hiring processes. These guidelines also emphasize the mental wellness of candidates, as the purpose of the hiring process is not to test resilience to grueling interviews, but to gain a meaningful assessment of candidates’ qualities and potential contributions to a healthy, vibrant department. The recommendations provided below relate to each step of the hiring process, from formation of search committees to final selection of successful candidates, and are intended to be continually updated as new information on best practices becomes available. The strategies are not limited to actions undertaken by search committees, but should also contribute to a departmental culture that embraces inclusion and wellness as core values.


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