Nutritional & Nutraceutical Sciences

The Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences major is concerned with understanding the contribution of food, beverage and nutritional supplement consumption to growth, development of optimal biological function, maintenance of health, and treatment of disease.

The Honours B.Sc. major in Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences is an exciting and unique major in Canada, which will provide you with a broad and basic grounding in the biology of nutrition, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and nutraceuticals.

In your upper years, courses focus on regulatory policies and relationships of functional foods and nutraceuticals to food and drugs, and the roles nutrients and phytochemicals play in maintaining health and preventing/treating disease. The program is supported by a number of facilities on campus that you can be involved with during your undergraduate degree including the Human Nutraceutical Research Unit, Health and Performance Centre and the Food Technology Centre.

This is an honours program, and is therefore completed in four years of study.