Student Profiles

NANS Student profiles - Dan Beckerton

Why Dan chose Nutrition & Nutraceutical Sciences

"I actually began my undergraduate career in Biomedical Sciences, however by my third year the curriculum began to narrow and I was not sure if I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. It was then that I switched to the Biological Sciences program, a great program with a lot of flexibility in the courses that count towards the completion of the degree. In second year I had gotten my first taste of the science of nutrition in NUTR*3210. After that, I continued to take a variety of nutrition courses for the rest of my undergraduate degree, and was even able to complete a Nutrition Minor before my 4 years were up. After undergrad I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I was pretty sure I wanted to stay in school, so I chose to pursue my interest in Nutrition by taking the Human Health and Nutritional Sciences Coursework Masters."

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NANS Student profiles - Megan Racey

Why Megan chose Nutrition & Nutraceutical Sciences

"I didn't originally choose the NANS program. I started in Biological Sciences and then changed to Bio-medical Sciences thinking it would be a great major to prepare me for medical school. During 2nd year, I took NUTR*3210, Fundamentals of Nutrition, with Dr. Kirkland, where I fell in love with nutrition and how applicable it is to every day life. I found this course particularly interesting, and after looking at Food Science and Nutrition programs at Guelph, I decided the NANS program was the best fit for me."

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