Area-specific examination committee membership PHD CCAP

The Final Oral Examination Committee will consist of five members:

1. A member of the regular graduate faculty who is not a member of the advisory committee appointed to act as chair by the department chair on behalf of the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies)

2. The external examiner

3. A member of the regular graduate faculty, who is not a member of the Advisory Committee

4. Two members of the student’s Advisory Committee, selected by the Advisory Committee. The candidate’s Advisor may be one of the two members that join the Examination Committee. If the Advisor does not join the Examination Committee, the Advisor should be present (in a non-voting capacity) during the Examination Committee’s deliberations following the PhD Thesis Examination.

External PhD Examiner

1. The Department Chair appoints an External Examiner from outside the university for each PhD Thesis, on behalf of the Dean of Graduate Studies, and in consultation with the Advisor. The External Examiner must be a recognized expert in the subject of the thesis.

2. The External Examiner must not have been involved in joint projects with the Advisor, student, or other committee members in the last 5 years, must not have served as an Advisor of the student's Advisor, must not have been a student or a member of the graduate faculty at the university in the last 5 years, and must not have served as an External Examiner at the university within the last 3 years. The External Examiner must also have had no direct connection with the student or the student's research project. The Board of Graduate Studies takes assurance of the independence of the External Examiner as a very serious matter.

3. The External Examiner is required to submit a written appraisal of the PhD Thesis to the Chair of the Department at least seven days before the Final Oral Examination. The External Examiner is expected to attend the oral examination (in person or by video/phone conference) and assist in evaluating all aspects of the candidate’s performance.