CCAP Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, CCAP requires the following for admission to the Master’s program:

An Honours B.A. or B.Sc. (or its equivalent) in Psychology or an allied field (Neuroscience, Applied Cognitive Science)*
Students are normally expected to have taken courses across the breadth of psychology with particular courses relevant to clinical psychology (e.g., Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology)
An overall GPA of A and a Psych GPA of A- minimally, based on roughly the final 2 years of coursework in your program.
GRE-General scores exceeding > 150 for the combined percentile scores on the 3 general tests.
Predominance of Outstanding ratings (10%) on referee letters and no issues identified on the Clinical Evaluation form that accompanies the Reference letter.
Experience working with children, adolescent, or families in some capacity. 
Excellent grades (A- minimally) in research design and statistics courses, and at least 2 statistics courses.
Applicants are expected to have undertaken a senior honours thesis project or senior research project equivalent.  Research experience beyond that required for the Honour’s thesis is desired.
*For applicants who do not have an Honours B.A. or B.Sc. (or its equivalent) in Psychology (e.g., applicants with a degree in an allied  field), the GRE-Subject test in Psychology is required, with a score above the 70th percentile.

Consideration for admission to the CCAP PhD program will be given to students with:

An MA in Child Clinical/Counselling Psychology. Applicants without this background should apply to the MA program.