How do I apply to Graduate Studies in Applied Social Psychology?

First review these eligibility requirements.

Applied Social Application Requirements:

GRE Information


Students who are admitted to the MA program in Applied Social Psychology will normally have an Honours thesis in Psychology or equivalent research experience. Because of the research-intensive nature of our program we are most interested in students with a strong background in research methods, qualitative and/or quantitative approaches. In addition, we see research and/or work experience in an applied setting as a strong asset. The Subject (Psychology) test is not required, but is recommended for international applicants or those without a background in psychology.


Students who are admitted to the PhD program in Applied Social Psychology will normally have an MA degree in social psychology or a relevant sub-field of psychology.

Applicants will typically have a strong research background; including experience in research methodology, qualitative and/or quantitative approaches, and writing/communication skills. Applicants will also normally have demonstrated potential in knowledge mobilization activities, such as conference presentations, and/or scholarly or other types of publication.

Relevant experience outside of academic settings, such as work or volunteerism with community organizations, is also an asset.

Current MA students applying to the Doctoral program

The Applied Social Psychology MA and PhD program at the University of Guelph form an integrated graduate degree. Typically, our students continue to the PhD upon completion of their MA degree. However, admission to the PhD program is not guaranteed, even upon satisfactory completion of the MA degree.

MA students currently enrolled in the Applied Social Psychology program of the department who wish to continue to the PhD must apply to be admitted to the PhD program. The process is the same as for other applicants to the doctoral program; with the exception that TOEFL (if applicable) does not need to be resubmitted.

English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language the University of Guelph requires that you write a standardized English Language Proficiency Test. See this link for details of acceptable tests and corresponding scores for demonstrating English language proficiency.

GRE Requirements

GRE Information


How are applicant files evaluated by the Applied Social Psychology Area?

Each application receives an initial overall evaluation reflecting a candidate’s potential capacity to succeed in the program as a function of her or his experience, interests and fit with one or more faculty members of the area. This evaluation is performed by area faculty members, who consider applicants’ past scholarly performance, interpersonal skills based on past experience and letters of reference, motivations for applying to graduate school, and expectations for the program. In addition, the Applied Social Psychology MA and PhD programs at the University of Guelph form an integrated graduate degree; thus MA applicants whose objective is to pursue a PhD degree are typically preferred. 

Applications that pass the initial evaluation process are shortlisted for interviews with faculty and students from the Applied Social Psychology program at the Department of Psychology.