Am I Eligible to Apply- Applied Social?

General Admissions Regulations

GRE Information

Before applying for graduate studies in Psychology, please review these admission processes.

Only students who are graduates of recognized universities or establishments of higher education are eligible for admission to Graduate Studies at the University of Guelph. All eligible students should review the General Admission Requirements found in the Graduate Calendar.

Complete the English as a Second Language test if applicable

If your first language is not English you are required to submit the results of a standardized language test.

Consult the Student Accessibility Services website if applicable

The University of Guelph strives to provide equitable opportunity for academically qualified students with disabilities. Applicants who experience a disability and wish to consult about academic accommodation are encouraged to contact Student Accessibility Services. Accessible/alternate formats of admission materials and communications are available up on request.

Please view the Student Accessibility Services website for further information.

Department of Psychology Admission Requirements


Consideration for admission to the Master's program  will be given to students with:

  • an Honours B.A. or B.Sc. in Psychology or an allied field (Neuroscience, Applied Cognitive Science). But do check the How Do I Apply webpage for the specific area to which you are applying. Some areas may accept equivalent degrees.


  • a minimum of a B+ admission GPA which must be calculated in a very particular way.

  • For international applicants the admission GPA is cumulative.

  • Students are normally expected to have taken courses across the breadth of psychology with some courses in the field to which they are applying.

  • A strong background in methodology and statistics is expected.

  • Applicants are expected to have undertaken a senior honours thesis project or senior research project equivalent.

  • Completion of the Master's Program normally takes six semesters

  • The fields of Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science, Applied Social Psychology, Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology admit students to the Master's program with the understanding that they intend to proceed to the Doctoral.

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to one field of study only.

  • Please note that admission to one does not preclude conducting research with faculty members affiliated with another. 

  • IF you are considering two fields of study we would ask that you contact the Faculty Admission Representatives of each before applying to discus your research intent in order to decide the "best fit for YOU".


  • Students seeking admission to the Doctoral program must have completed Master's Degree requirements with a minimum A- cumulative GPA to be eligible. As well, the expectation is that the applicant will also have a relevant Honours Bachelor's degree with a minimum B+ admission GPA which must be calculated in a very particular way.

  • Master's Degree requirements are normally met in a two-year course of studies comprising specified course work and a thesis

  • Completion of the Doctoral program normally takes nine to twelve semesters.