How do I apply to Graduate Studies in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Sciences?

First review these eligibility requirements.

NACS Area Application Requirements:


We welcome applications from students with experience in one or more of the fields within Neuroscience, Psychology and Applied Cognitive Science. Students who enter the MSc program will normally have a Bachelors or Honours degree in Psychology or a related field. Students who enter at the PhD level will normally require a Masters degree in a related field. Related fields include, but are not limited to, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Biomedical Science, and Behavioural Neuroscience.

English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language the University of Guelph requires that you write a standardized English Language Proficiency Test. See this link for details of acceptable tests and corresponding scores for demonstrating English language proficiency.

GRE Requirements

Applicants are NOT required to submit GRE General and Subject Test scores.

How are applicant files evaluated by NACS?

The NACS MSc and Phd programs are research intensive. Students must identify on their application potential faculty research advisors. Those advisors will review your academic record, research experience, and fit to their research program.  The NACS faculty members as a committee will review the recommendations of individual advisors. Admission is very competitive given the restrictions on the number of students we may accept.