BA - Independent Study

PSYC*3240 Independent Research Project

PSYC*3910 Psychology Externship

PSYC*4240 Advanced Independent Research Project


Applicant Actions:

  1. Contact potential supervisors.
  2. Complete the Request to Enrol. (If you have already confirmed a supervisor, completion of this form is not required).
    This form can be printed and scanned if you encounter incompatability issues using the online form. 
  3. Submit to Sharon Helder at or MacKinnon 4015.
  4. Advisor and Student: complete a contract together. When complete and signed, submit to and the student will then receive a waiver to add the course.

Tips for contacting a potential supervisor:

  • Before you contact a potential supervisor, familiarize yourself with their work: read their papers, know what type of work they do.
  • Be flexible in balancing your own ideas to fit within the research.
  • Be prepared to provide intellectual contribution to the project even if the work is already underway.
  • Be considerate: drop in during office hours if possible or set up an appointment.