Funding - Graduate Student Research (Thesis) Allowance

Students are to consult with their supervisors early on in the development of the research proposal about the costs of conducting their proposed thesis research, and how these costs will be paid. Faculty are strongly encouraged to support the research of their students from their research grants. 

Who is eligible Amount
Purpose Details
MA/MSc Students $200 Thesis research allowance One time funding
PHD Students $300 Thesis research allowance One time funding


  • Books and journal subscriptions used for research;
  • Software used for research;
  • Research equipment and instruments, including computers and ancillary computer equipment, and their maintenance;
  • Memberships in professional research organizations;
  • Research conference registration fees and travel (excluding per diems);
  • Research activity expenses (e.g., payment of participants, off-campus travel)


When all expenses are ready for submission, complete the claim in ECS. Please be sure to include in the “Purpose/Notes” section of you are a MA/MSc Or PhD student.  (

All claims must be accompanied by supporting documentation including original receipts along with the bank and credit card statements for proof of payment. When all this has been completed, please contact the Financial Clerk (Adam Irvine-Holman to book an appointment to review and submit the claim.

effective May 2020